Hospitality Ministry

Video for Hospitality Ten Commandments PLEASE CLICK HERE.


1. Early: Show up 30 Minutes early.
2. Communicate: Gluten free hosts to deacon, new parishioners to priest.
3. Greet: Welcome each person in a friendly and respectful way.
4. Cards: Give welcome and registration cards to new parishioners.
5. Hosts: Final count of people at Mass.  Are there too few Hosts? Too many?
6. Readings: Wait for pause in readings before seating late parishioners..
7. Seating: Use side chapel as last resort for seating.
8. Bulletin: Ensure all receive a bulletin and any other pertinent information at end of Mass
9. Doughnuts: Collect the money donated for the doughnuts, put in secret spot.
10. Remember: Good Hospitality keeps people coming back!

One of the most important functions of the a hospitality minister is to ensure that people visiting Sacred Heart Parish for the first time get acknowledged and welcomed.

Please ensure that new people get introduced to other parishioners.  For example, Jim, this is Joe and Nancy.  This is there first time at Sacred Heart.

Please ensure that the priest knows immediately when new members come to our Church.

Give the new members our welcome card, which is signed by the staff, and has our contact information on it.

Thank you for making Sacred Heart Catholic Church a warm and welcoming house of prayer.  If you would like to share your time and talent as a Hospitality Minister please contact our office at 907-376-5087.